Schmit Dog 

2010  MEDAL 10
2009 TOP TEN SKILLED  # 1 Regular   #1 Jumpers   #1 Chances   #5 TouchnGo

2009-  MEDAL-7  MEDAL 8  MEDAL 9  Novice All Around, Open All Around

Hoopers rd 5th Q,  2 TouchnGo Qs,  Jumpers Rd 2  2nd Q, Jumpers Rd 1 5th Q,
Double Digit Regular:  Rd 1st Q,  Rd 2  4th Q,  Rd3 4th Q, Rd 4 5th  Rd 5 3rd Q

Highest Scoring Double Digit Skilled BC in TouchnGo

2008 Champs
3rd Place OVERALL  Double Digit 16” Veteran Regular
2008 Top Skilled Regular Dog #1
2008  Top Skilled Chances Dog #1
2008 Top Ten Skilled Jumpers # 3
2008 Top Ten TouchnGo  # 7
Jumpers Round 1 8th Place
TouchnGo  Round 1 8th Place
TouchnGo Round 2 8th Place
Regular Round 1  4th Place
Regular Round 2 4th Place
Regular Round 3 4th place
Regular Round 4  5th Place
Regular Round 5  4th Place

2008  MEDAL-6 MEDAL-5,  MEDAL 4, MEDAL-3  Versatility MEDAL 2  Novice All Around

# 1 Regular # 1 Jumpers # 1 Chances # 2 TouchnGO
2007  Triple Triple, Triple Superior Versatility  Medal 2 Medal 1 Versatility Medal 1
2007 NADAC Champs 16 Vet Skilled
Regular Round 1 - 4rd Round 2 - 2nd  Round 3:  6th  Round 4 - 4th Round 5 - 4th 
2007  #4 Border Collie Regular  #6 Border Collie  TouchnGo # 7 Border Collie Chances, Jumpers

NADAC Champs 2006     Regular Skilled  2nd place Overall
Rd 1: 2nd Place Rd 2: 5th Place Rd 3: 2nd Place Rd 4: 3rd Place Rd 5: 5th Place  Finals: 2nd Place
2006:  Novice Triple Superior, Novice Superior Versatility,
Open Triple Superior, Open Superior Versatility

NATCH-6     Versatility NATCH-2      MEDAL-1
Triple Triple Superior Triple Superior Versatility

2007 Top Ten Skilled #8 Regular #8 TouchnGo #9 Weavers

2006- NADAC Champs 20" Double Digit Champion
Regular Veterans:
Rd 1; 4th Place   Rd 2:  2nd Place    Rd 5:  8th Place

2005 NADAC Champs-16" Veterans Regular  two 7th Places and one 6th Place

2004- NADAC Champs 
Regular Veterans Round 1:  3rd Place
Regular Veterans Round 4:  2nd Place
Regular Veterans Round 5:  6th Place

Novice Versality O-TN-O O-NAC O-NAJ O-WV-N NCC 

Expedite is my rescue success story. She entered my life when she was 5 years old. She was severly abused.  She use to pee on the contacts she was so afraid. She heard the clicker and ran and hid under my bed. Boy we have come a long way !!!!   

Expedite's webpage
5/1998- 2012

Jet  came into our lives at age 7.5  Xmas Day 2005 and left us June 2012.
She was my Steady Jetty !!!   

Jets Webpage

Jets Pictures
HALEY   RIP  2007
Haley was Dwayne's first agility dog.  She touched many hearts along her journey of life.

Haleys webpage

BO  RIP 2008

Bo was Lisa's first agility dog--although he really wasnt an agility dog.. He had straight back legs and just couldnt jump until  he could jump 12 as a skilled vet.    I got him when he was 1 year old.  He was my BO MAN :)

My sister Chrissy' s dog I ran at the 2008 champs
Comet  2008 Champs
3rd Place OVERALL  16” Skilled  Regular
Highest Scoring Skilled TouchnGo Dog
2008 Top Ten Skilled Tunnelers # 3
Weavers Round 2 8th Place
TouchnGo Round 1 4th Place
TouchnGo Round 2 1st Place
Tunnelers Round 1 1st Place
Tunnelers Round 2 1st Place
Regular Round 1  1st Place
Regular Round 2 4th Place
Regular Round 4  1st Place
Regular Round 5 2nd Place

2008 Top Ten by Breed
#1 Border Collie in Regular
#2 Border Collie in Jumpers
#4 Border Collie in Chances
#5 Border Collie in TouchnGo

2007 Top Ten by Breed
#4 Border Collie in Regular
#6 Border Collie in TouchnGo
#7 Border Collie in Chances
#7 Border Collie in Jumpers

2008 NADAC Champs: .she ran one round of Jumpers at champsand came up sore. She has been retired ever since :(
Jumpers Round 1  7th Place
2008  Top Ten  Skilled Tunnelers Dog  # 1  TouchnGo Dog # 3  Weavers #5  Regular #9  Jumpers # 6

2008- Platinum Speed Star   MEDAL2  Versatility MEDAL 2   Triple Triple,  Triple Superior Versatility,  Elite triple Superior  Elite Supereror Versatility 

16 Skilled Veteran GRAND CHAMPION 
Regular Round 1 3 4 5 -- 1st Place
regular Round 2 4th Place
Jumpers 3,  Tunnelers 5th   Touchngo 2nd
2007 Skilled top 10--   #1 Tunnelers, #3 TouchnGo  #4 Weavers  #4 Jumpers,  #6 Regular #7 Chances

2007 and before MEDAL  Versatility MEDAL   Novice and Open triple Superior,  Novice and Open Superior Versatility

2005 NADAC Champs
3rd Overall 20" Pre-Elite Regular
three 3rds and two 5ths in Pre-Elite Regular
5th Place Tunnelers  Finals

RIP  Dec 2009

TANDEM'S Accomplishments 

JP7'S Accomplishments 

REVOLUTION'S Accomplishments 

INSPIRE's Accomplishments 


2019 Tandem- Reserve Vet Champion
JP7- 16+ Large Dog Challenger Winner
Inspire- went into finals in 1st !
Rev had some rocking runs

2018 Tandem- Large Vet Dog NADAC World CHAMPION,  Large Dog NADAC Vet Champion
JP7-Starter Stakes Reserve  NADAC WORLD Champion,  NADAC Reserve Champion, NADAC Distance Cup Champion
Revolution-Team Champion

2017 Revolution Reserve Champion XL Dogs
2017 JP 7        4 Sashes in Starter Stakes
2017 Tandem and Syn - Finalists
2015 Tandem     Highest Number of Bonus Points                            Trophy In Starter Stakes 
2013 Synergy    Reserve Champion 16"
2013 Tandem     Reserve Champion Starters Stakes
2011 Moxie        Double Digit Champion
2010  Moxie       Double Digit Champion
2009  Moxie       Skilled Versatility Champion      
2009   Jet           3rd Overall Double Digit
2008  Moxie       Skilled Veteran Champion,         2008  Cuba        3rd Overall Skilled,  
2008 Jet             3rd Overall Double Digit
2007  Expedite  Skilled Veteran Champion    
2007  Moxie       3rd Place Overall 
2006  Haley        Double Digit Champion 
2006  Jet            2nd Place Overall  Skilled
2006  Moxie       3rd Place  Overall Skilled
2005 Expedite   3rd  Place Overall Pre-Elite
born 12/2002 - 7/2017

Cubas webpage

Moxie  7/2000 - 9/2015
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