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  This was cumulative score of 16 runs of agility—6 Regular Rounds, 2 Jumpers, 2 Weavers, 2 TouchnGO, 2 Tunnelers and 2 Hoopers


Hoopers Rd 1   3rd  Q

Hoopers Rd 2 3rd Q

Tunnelers Rd 1   6th  Q

TouchnGo Rd 1  8th Q

TouchnGo Rd 2  3rd Q

Weavers  Rd 1  4th Q

Weavers  Rd 2  3rd Q

Regular 1 1st Q

Regular 2 1st Q

Regular 3 2nd

Regualr 4 1st Q

Regular 5 1st Q

2009 #5 Dog with DRI over 100
Lifetime DRI over 100   8th place

JET---  My  11 year old BC      3RD place OVERALL Double Digit  Dog in Regular.  
(DD) Double Digit dogs are dogs 10 and over. This score was over 5 rounds of Regular Agility

Hoopers  Rd 2  5th

TouchnGo Q

TouchnGo Q

Jumpers Rd 2  2nd

Jumpers Rd 1 5th Q

DD Regular 1 1st Q

DD Regular 2 4th Q

DD Regular 3 4th Q

DD Regular 4 5th

DD Regular 5 3rd Q

Highest Scoring Double Digit
Skilled BC in TouchnGo


Hoopers Rd 1 4th  Q

TouchnGo Rd 1 5th Q

TouchnGo Rd 2 1st Q

Jumpers Rd 2  6th-

Open Regular 1  4th Q

Open Regular 2

Open Regular 3 1st Q

Open Regular 4 2nd

Tunnelers 1 (off course at 5 but FAST  RUN :))

Tunnelers 2  (off course :(_)

SYN was  a ROCK STAR.. SHE WAS AMAZING !!!!!!!!!!       I am still flying high and how well my baby dog did.   Syn really has had minimal agility training.   I have really worked hard over the summer to get her ready for the champs. She exceeded my expectations exponentially.    Out of 15 rounds of agility we only had 1 crazy Round.    We were a team, we were together, she was listening  ..she was LIGHTNING FAST… She is INCREDIBLE !!!!!!!!!!!

AND THIS IS JUST THE BEGINNING !! WOW. I get goosebumps thinking about it !  I cried I was soooo happyJ

MY MOM  Dolly Freiberger and REBEL

Regular Round 1 6th Q